This is Music on Your Brain

brain-128px-PET-imageMusic as entertainment is the tip of the iceberg. Music is a hidden giant with far ranging impacts on our health and learning. It is easily accessible and   inexpensive! What is wrong with this solution? Why it is not used more?

Music stimulates regions of the brain responsible for memory, language and motor control. That is scientific fact. It should be a staple in schools, rehabs and hospitals. It was required in ancient Egypt and Greece for its benefits on learning and behavior. Music has been used to clear negative emotions and stimulate virtues – in ancient and modern times.

Researchers investigated the effect of music on brain neurotrophin production, which is associated with the swell being of neurons. Young adult mice exposed to music with a slow rhythm for 21 consecutive days were tested in passive avoidance learning (how quickly they could avoid negative stimuli). The music-exposed mice showed increased neurotrophins in the brain and significantly improved their learning performance. The researchers concluded that music helps several central nervous system problems.

Studies are popping up all the time showing abounding with positive impacts of music. Music can replicate the effects of hormone replacement therapy in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, according to research published in Medical Hypotheses. Their study added that music also was helpful with neuropsychiatric disorders. From helping seniors to emotional issues, music is a free, accessible and easy tool to use.

Researchers observed that bird singing (with the Zebra Finch) doubles the numbers of its neurons. In other studies singing improved the plasticity of nerves in birds – the more they sang, they healthier they got!

Music affects steroids levels such as cortisone, testosterone and estrogen, and it is believed that music also affects related receptor genes. Unlike supplementing the brain with hormone substitution drugs which can have devastating side effects, music is noninvasive, and its existence is universal and mundane.

Music can increase motor functioning in Parkinson patients, as documented in Behavioral Pharmacology. Music in ancient times was used extensively for disabilities. We are rediscovering this use!

We have been surrounded by music our entire lives, while being clueless that music exchanges energy with us on every level of our being! Listening and participating in music enhances learning, behavior and health! All these benefits and music can be enjoyable too! It is like a spoonful of music to make the medicine go down!

Emotional Healing from Flower Sounds

 By Jill Mattson

 Lily   flower   Lily Symphony 

Plants have always been the primary source of healing substances for mankind.  The ancient day Shaman inherited a wealth of knowledge about plants and their medicinal uses from his fore fathers.  Plants growing in the wild offered abundant variety and powerful tonics for early man’s use in healing.  Modern Pharmaceutical Companies systematically study and test plants for new drug development programs.  To this day, plants are responsible for more far more beneficial drugs than manmade synthetic routes.  The race is on to find rare new plants in the jungles of the Amazon for  pharmaceutical uses before they are lost forever through extinction.

Plants clearly have a unique physical nature, which we (and other living beings) depend upon: for food and nourishment, for important material and chemical components (for building and clothing needs) and for powerful medicinal properties and healing powers.  Beyond these obvious applications a deeper appreciation of the power of plants is arising.  As we increase our understanding of the holistic, irreducible nature of the universe and all living systems, it is indisputable that plant life functions on many sophisticated and subtle levels.

FlowerPlants are sentient beings.  Plants demonstrate consciousness; they feel and move; they constantly respond to the surrounding environment. Sensitive experiments dating from the 1920’s showed that plants possess a nervous system.  Polygraphs have demonstrated that plants respond to human thought and speech.  These “simpler” forms posses a life force and this has important implications for us.  Plants and people share in the divinity of the grand design of nature.

One of the most famous and respected names associated with the unique use of plants in healing is Dr. Edward Bach of England (1886 – 1936).  Edward Bach discovered that certain flowering plants are able to alleviate human emotional and physical problems.  Bach learned to extract the essence or vibratory imprint from particular flowers and to transfer this energy imprint into pure water – which is then ingested orally or placed sublingually.  These nonmaterial essences function as vibrational medicine – healing energy.  The flower essences work on the multidimensional mind-body-spirit being.  Each healing flower offers unique benefits to an individual.  Eventually, Bach identified and prepared 38 healing flower remedies.  (See Table I).  Long before Bach, Ancient Tribes in South America similarly found native flowers useful for soothing physical, emotional and psychological illnesses.

Negative emotions… Flower… Remedy….
 Fears of everyday life, dread, feelings of misfortune, darkness  Mimulus: The Bravery Flower  Takes us from Fear of the World to Trust in the World
 Needy, clinging, fear being alone  Heather: The Identity Flower  Takes us from Needy Child to Understanding Adult
 Hopelessness, giving up, despair  Gorse: The Hope Flower  Takes us from Giving Up to Going Forth
 Jealousy, envy, revenge, suspicion  Holly: The Heart-Opening Flower  Takes us from Hard-Heartedness to Generosity
 Misguided, lacking confidence, indecisive  Cerato: The Intuition Flower  Takes us from Indecisiveness to Inner Certainty
 False cheerfulness, worry, restlessness  Agrimony: The Honesty Flower  Takes us from Pretended Harmony to Inner Peace
 Possessive, overly cautious for children & loved ones, cloying, continually correcting  Chicory: The Motherliness Flower  Takes us from Demanding Love to Giving Love Freely
 Drowsy, dreamy, lacking interest in life, not happy with the present-ever looking forward  Clematis: The Reality Flower  Takes us from escaping Reality to Living in reality
 Hasty, impatient, always rushing, pushing to get things done  Impatiens: The Time Flower  Takes us from Impatience to Patience
 Lacking strength & vitality, feeling life is a burden  Hornbeam: The Vitality Flower  Takes us from Listlessness to Mental Freshness


Table I: Some Healing Flowers and associated Emotions/Benefits[1]

The flower essences work to balance, unblock and harmonize the various subtle and fine energy systems of the body-mind-spirit being.  They are gentle but effective in helping a willing person bring about change and heal himself.

An exciting new development has surfaced in recent years that allows the direct application of the flower essences through sound frequencies – bypassing the physical flower altogether.  In this novel approach, the same marvelous benefits that many have long enjoyed via the traditional water borne flower essences, can be quickly and effectively bestowed through sound.

Pioneers such as Sharry Edwards and Dr. Royal Rife spent their lives studying, measuring and deriving vibrational energies  for healing.  Eventually, Sound Healers were able to identify exact wavelengths of sound to address specific ailments.  The precise mechanisms are not totally understood, but as with other vibrational healing it appears the effect works on a holistic basis providing benefit to the spirit and the mind of the person helping one heal himself.  There are emotional benefits that are inseparable from the overall healing process.  At the deepest level everything (and everyone) is energy and energy heals most directly!

A revealing example of the nature of sound in healing is reported by Sharry Edwards. Niacin is a vitamin that is necessary for life.  If a person is deficient in niacin they can take supplements.  A flushing of the skin often occurs with the use of niacin supplements.  Edwards found that she can administer the frequency equivalent of niacin (using only sound waves) to a person and the same nutritional benefit is achieved; astonishingly the skin flushing will also occur.

flowerAs reported above, the benefits of the flower remedies can be passed directly through the use of sound.  The author’s work has endeavored to extend the  benefits of the flower essences by composing complete “Healing Flower Music” (Symphonies) that employ the sound frequency equivalent of the associated soul flower.  The characteristic flower frequency is embedded in a complex musical composition.  The listener receives the flower essence energy from this frequency and much more. The frequency need not be loud or isolated. The body is adept at incorporating subtle frequencies.  In these Flower Symphonies the multidimensional musical composition begins by first expressing the negative emotion that the flower energy addresses.  Listening to the negative aspect offers a sense of catharsis to loosen and clear emotional blockages. People can be so overwhelmed by negative energies that they cannot receive positive energies until the clear emotional baggage is cleared.

The symphony then plunges into the positive  emotional transformation.  This positive movement uplifts the listener and together with the accompanying flower frequency provides intense emotional transformation and healing.  The experience offered by the combination of the healing flower essence together with the musical encounter present in the symphony can produce a powerful, healing state impacting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies.

For those who live in a dreamy, not-fully-awake and alert state, the Clematis flower is the remedy.  The Clematis is the reality flower essence.  The Clematis symphony continually beats out the flower’s frequency.  On top of this track, the overarching music begins with a rhythmic breath.  The breath becomes the percussion beat, combining with pleasing, diffuse tones to create a state of dreaminess.  Foggy tones and echoes muffle clarity.  As the song continues, the warmth of the sun beckons the soul to awaken, to see more clearly and to dance in the glory of the fully awakened light with clear melodic tones.

For those who suffer from anxiety or excessive worry the Mimulus is known as the “Bravery Flower”. The Mimulus helps  those with fears of illness, pain, accidents, poverty, loneliness and misfortunes.  People struggling to master their fears often quietly bear their dread; this flower offers relief.  The Mimulus symphony begins with creepy, fearful music and a scary hiss.  The music gradually transforms after catharsis occurs and trust is built by creating a rhythmic frame work, based on the sound of a reassuring heart beat; this sound has been with us our entire lives.  Ultimately, a strong, confident song sings out washing over the listener and dissolving their fears.


In closing, the benefits of the Healing Flower Essences have been widely utilized by people since ancient times to gain a gentle emotional lift or helpful resolution.  There now exists a total vibrational energy path to the same blessings – listening to the frequency equivalent of the desired Flower.  Further, by adding specially designed music to the experience even greater advances are possible.  Certain people have reported extraordinary results when they simultaneously listened to the Flower Symphonies and took the Flower essences sublingually in the traditional manner.   

The transformation of sentient plant energy to pure vibrational energy (both available for uplifting the human spirit) is yet another manifestation that all living entities and all energies are one in the grand design.  For our part we need to care for and preserve nature; enjoy the bounty of a simple wildflower to help fill your deepest emotional needs.

Bluebells[Download a sample flower symphony at when you sign up for the free Healing Music Secrets newsletter.]

Barnard, Julian. Bach Flower Remedies: Form and Function, Lindisfarne Books: Great Barrington, MA, 2002.

Mattson, Jill. Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing, Wings of Light: Oil City, PA., 2008.

Scheffer, Mechthild. Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy, Healing Arts Press: Rochester, Vermont, 2001.

[1]Scheffer. Mechthild. Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy, Healing Arts Press: Rochester, Vermont, 2001.

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Toning! A Powerful Sound Healing Tool

 I want to give you background on toning …an incredible method to
heal yourself, raise your conscious, clear negative emotions and it
costs nothing! In the next several posts, I will present
instructions on how to use this powerful could healing tool!

Natural tones are the most effective for balancing our voice, such
as grunts, groans, moans, screaming, laughing, yawning and sighs.
Sounds such as “mmm” and “ah” contain frequencies that elicit

The karate master cries before he strikes. The weight lifter groans
as he lifts. Why? Because the voice releases energy and power.
Self-created tones affect us from the inside out!

“Ouch”! Scream in pain! Why do we do this? We use sound to release
pain out of our body. It is instinctual. We use sound naturally to
relieve pain, but we forget to credit sound.

One reason why toning is an effective healing practice is because
feelings attach to sounds. Our subconscious feelings are a part of
our spoken words. The quality of our tone communicates our
underlying intent and feelings beneath our words. For example, the
“hello” we say to someone we love is different than the “hello” we
say to someone we don’t like. Our emotional communication is
clearly in our tone of voice, more so than the words.

When our brain censors our spoken words, these censored ideas
remain in our tone of voice. We may not even be aware of these
subtle underlying feelings, but others sense these feelings from
our tone of voice.

Sometimes we forget what our truth is, because we have hidden it in
our subconscious minds for so long. Sound can carry our hidden
feelings back to us. Our tone of voice is a communication link to
our subconscious mind.

We don’t always speak our truth. Sometimes the truth is painful. We
are taught to be polite or kind, instead. Another example is a
habitual white lie. How often do we tell people we feel fine, when
we don’t? Or “nothing is new”, when we don’t want to share
something new? Or that we like something, when we don’t?

When our feelings and our words are not in alignment, we create
dissonance in our bodies. In contrast, speaking our truth sets us

Toning is a way to clear stuck negative energies and buried
feelings from ourselves.

Next post… more on toning
Hugs, Jill

Free gift of a vocal profiler! See the tones in your voice!

I am in the process of writing another sound healing book about he
work of Sharry Edwards! Her method of sound healing has been shown
to regrow bones, muscles and tissues, alleviate fibromyalgia,
chronic fatigue, oh and  so much more!

We hear our voice as many tones, but in truth it is a combination
of many tones. these tones correlate to our emotions, health and
brainwaves. Sharry offers a free nanovoice download , which enables you to speak into your computer,
and have the tones within your voice analyzed.

This free tool is a personality profiler, revealing how you feel
about different subjects! At first thought, of course I know how I
feel, then I used this tool. WRONG! I was amazed at the emotions
that my conscious mind refuses to allow!

I found that my understanding of myself got deeper with this tool,
I could work through issues easier! Sometimes I wasn’t even aware
that something was on my mind, but the energy was in my voice! To
know ourselves deeper, what could be more powerful?

Hugs, Jill

Sometimes, I just have to paint!

Did I ever tell you how much I like to paint? I think I NEED to
paint, like I don’t get life energy if I am not working on several

Fairy with Bee

 I think I know myself, but I paint emotions and issues that I am
not conscious of. Have you ever said, “Oh, that doesn’t bother me?”
Then later you catch yourself mulling it over and over….There are
so many things I am fine with, but when I paint… the issue comes
up again and again!

Sometimes I have painted a person that I recognize, but I have
never met them…at least in this life! It is like I have soul
recognition of a stranger that  I paint……There appears to be
energy coming from the eyes in the painting, and I have felt it
before! I have been told that the energy of the eyes conveys the
energy of one’s soul!
Other times I have painted things that haven’t happened in my
life..yet, but later they come true. It is like a dream, I prepare
for events… and particularly for times of difficulty… before
they happen. I see what’s coming up by observing how my paintings
Mostly I paint just because I love it! I have a a gallery of my
paintings…and there are a lot of them!
Hope you enjoy them!

You can see my art at . You
can get prints at this red bubble site!  Or there is a new
gallery open at! Click under
paintings and prints!
Hugs Jill

The Music of the Spheres

I thought this to be profound! Hope you like!

“The Music of the Spheres
A harmonious universe is like a harp.
Its rhythms are the equal repeated seasons,
The beating of a heart,
The going and returning of migratory birds,
The cycles of stars and corn,
The mimosa that unfolds by day and folds up by night,
The rhythms of moon and tide,
And apples that ripen and fall.
Melody, accord, arpeggios are the harp of the universe.
Unity behind apparent multiplicity.
That is the music.”

Ernesto Cardenal

One of you wonderful people made this response to this!
“Thank you Jill for sharing that….it was profound…because….

sharing our own inner lining…
is a delight we all may partake..
as our hearts beat in rhythm together…
the heavens also know what’s at stake..
And the truths of our purpose is given…
to all eyes that desire to see…
may God’s light guide us all on our journey….
to remembering what we all used to be….”

Hugs! Jill

Five Qualities of Your Voice

Since we hear sounds all day long, we can change the sound benefits that
we receive by alterating our listening. We can change the things we listen to, depending on what gifts we want to receive.
Sound was used in ancient history to control populations! Since the government regulated what music could be heard, they controlled what vibratory frequencies  interacted with people, affecting their minds, bodies and thoughts. I know this sounds screwy, but the ancient Chinese did this for thousands of years and their governments (dynasties) lasted for thousands of years. I don’t know about you, but four years of one president is usually enough for me! However, our government doesn’t control the music and sounds that we listen to!
The ancient Chinese…about 3000 years before Christ, used music…like musical fung shui. When a person said his name, the Chinese leaders noticed the qualities of the elements in the tone that one used. They learned about him in this secret and powerful way! You can listen for this and learn about others quickly, too!
Here are some secrets of the ancient Chinese! They use an easy system. For example, you can imagine an “airy” voice versus and “earthy” one! An earthy tone has deep tones and sounds grounded and sure of itself.
Five Qualities of the Voice:
>  Air – uplifting
>  Ether – inspiring, healing, peace giving, harmonizing,
     convincing, appealing and intoxicating
>  Earth – hope giving, encouraging, tempting
>  Water – intoxicating, soothing, healing, uplifting
>  Fire – impressive, arousing, exciting, horrifying, and
     awakening…(Can give you a warning)
The ancient Chinese would also change the tone in their voices to reflect all of these qualities at times.  This gave them the gift of balance, stabiltity and power in their lives. They would remind us that people of fortune have different voices than those of ill fortune.
The Sufi even modulates his speaking pitch to be in harmony with another. What a powerful, yet clever way of dealing with difficulties!!!!  And you can too! Just by increasing your awareness of the power in your voice! We all can change our speaking voice!
Hugs, Jill
Let the music play YOU!

More Tidbits on Healing with Sound!!!

Different vowel sounds give you different healing gifts!

The Sufis are a mystic order and they have studied the impact of
sounds on your body and energy.

Here are some fascinating thoughts from the Sufis about
sounds..that may be in your voice!

Perhaps you may want to hum some of these sounds for their benefits!

Ah………represents the feeling of unity…golden color…earth
sound…opens your heart energy and radiate energy

Ooo(cool)………blue…water sound…relaxes energy and draws
energy inward

Eee………….bight blue to turquoise…air sound…related to
mind and thinking

Hmm……top of head…produces rainbow colors..connects you to spirit

Oh….. (as in go) Combines ah and oo. This sound effects the
endocrine system.

Hugs Jill
P.S. Let the music play you!!!

Healing with Sound!!!

I can’t wait to share secrets on healing techniques from ancient
societies and modern scientists to make your life better!
There are so many ways to use sound and music to enhance healing,
your memory, your clarity of thinking, your energy, your mood, your
spirituality and so much more!!!

Sound and music will someday become a form of vibrational medicine,
healing us in soooo many wonderful ways. I know there is a lot to
learn to understand how to use sound vibrations to heal, and
improve our minds, feelings and spirits, but the fast way to learn
is so simple. Just listen to your heart! When you hear music that
you like, it tunes you! Your heart will take you to music that
blesses YOU!

I just finished writing the words to a new song, and I found some
nifty information in ancinet Hindi texts. It is about the
vibrational benefits of each vowel sound. Since each sound is
different its affect on YOU is different!
Each vowel has a psychological significance. The composition of
every word has a chemical and psychological significance as well.
Every vowel and consonant has an individual effect on the body.
Every word or sound charges the area with certain magnetism. The
physical body is affected by vibration.
E denotes a feminine quality of grace, wisdom, beauty and
O and U have a masculine quality of power and expression.
A has the perfection of both qualities.
I thought it would be fun to think about your own name, and what
you say about yourself when your name is spoken. What vowel sounds
are in YOUR name!
Let the music play YOU!