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The Music of the Spheres

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

I thought this to be profound! Hope you like!

“The Music of the Spheres
A harmonious universe is like a harp.
Its rhythms are the equal repeated seasons,
The beating of a heart,
The going and returning of migratory birds,
The cycles of stars and corn,
The mimosa that unfolds by day and folds up by night,
The rhythms of moon and tide,
And apples that ripen and fall.
Melody, accord, arpeggios are the harp of the universe.
Unity behind apparent multiplicity.
That is the music.”

Ernesto Cardenal

One of you wonderful people made this response to this!
“Thank you Jill for sharing that….it was profound…because….

sharing our own inner lining…
is a delight we all may partake..
as our hearts beat in rhythm together…
the heavens also know what’s at stake..
And the truths of our purpose is given…
to all eyes that desire to see…
may God’s light guide us all on our journey….
to remembering what we all used to be….”

Hugs! Jill

Five Qualities of Your Voice

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
Since we hear sounds all day long, we can change the sound benefits that
we receive by alterating our listening. We can change the things we listen to, depending on what gifts we want to receive.
Sound was used in ancient history to control populations! Since the government regulated what music could be heard, they controlled what vibratory frequencies  interacted with people, affecting their minds, bodies and thoughts. I know this sounds screwy, but the ancient Chinese did this for thousands of years and their governments (dynasties) lasted for thousands of years. I don’t know about you, but four years of one president is usually enough for me! However, our government doesn’t control the music and sounds that we listen to!
The ancient Chinese…about 3000 years before Christ, used music…like musical fung shui. When a person said his name, the Chinese leaders noticed the qualities of the elements in the tone that one used. They learned about him in this secret and powerful way! You can listen for this and learn about others quickly, too!
Here are some secrets of the ancient Chinese! They use an easy system. For example, you can imagine an “airy” voice versus and “earthy” one! An earthy tone has deep tones and sounds grounded and sure of itself.
Five Qualities of the Voice:
>  Air – uplifting
>  Ether – inspiring, healing, peace giving, harmonizing,
     convincing, appealing and intoxicating
>  Earth – hope giving, encouraging, tempting
>  Water – intoxicating, soothing, healing, uplifting
>  Fire – impressive, arousing, exciting, horrifying, and
     awakening…(Can give you a warning)
The ancient Chinese would also change the tone in their voices to reflect all of these qualities at times.  This gave them the gift of balance, stabiltity and power in their lives. They would remind us that people of fortune have different voices than those of ill fortune.
The Sufi even modulates his speaking pitch to be in harmony with another. What a powerful, yet clever way of dealing with difficulties!!!!  And you can too! Just by increasing your awareness of the power in your voice! We all can change our speaking voice!
Hugs, Jill
Let the music play YOU!

More Tidbits on Healing with Sound!!!

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Different vowel sounds give you different healing gifts!

The Sufis are a mystic order and they have studied the impact of
sounds on your body and energy.

Here are some fascinating thoughts from the Sufis about
sounds..that may be in your voice!

Perhaps you may want to hum some of these sounds for their benefits!

Ah………represents the feeling of unity…golden color…earth
sound…opens your heart energy and radiate energy

Ooo(cool)………blue…water sound…relaxes energy and draws
energy inward

Eee………….bight blue to turquoise…air sound…related to
mind and thinking

Hmm……top of head…produces rainbow colors..connects you to spirit

Oh….. (as in go) Combines ah and oo. This sound effects the
endocrine system.

Hugs Jill
P.S. Let the music play you!!!

Healing with Sound!!!

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

I can’t wait to share secrets on healing techniques from ancient
societies and modern scientists to make your life better!
There are so many ways to use sound and music to enhance healing,
your memory, your clarity of thinking, your energy, your mood, your
spirituality and so much more!!!

Sound and music will someday become a form of vibrational medicine,
healing us in soooo many wonderful ways. I know there is a lot to
learn to understand how to use sound vibrations to heal, and
improve our minds, feelings and spirits, but the fast way to learn
is so simple. Just listen to your heart! When you hear music that
you like, it tunes you! Your heart will take you to music that
blesses YOU!

I just finished writing the words to a new song, and I found some
nifty information in ancinet Hindi texts. It is about the
vibrational benefits of each vowel sound. Since each sound is
different its affect on YOU is different!
Each vowel has a psychological significance. The composition of
every word has a chemical and psychological significance as well.
Every vowel and consonant has an individual effect on the body.
Every word or sound charges the area with certain magnetism. The
physical body is affected by vibration.
E denotes a feminine quality of grace, wisdom, beauty and
O and U have a masculine quality of power and expression.
A has the perfection of both qualities.
I thought it would be fun to think about your own name, and what
you say about yourself when your name is spoken. What vowel sounds
are in YOUR name!
Let the music play YOU!