The Music of the Spheres

I thought this to be profound! Hope you like!

“The Music of the Spheres
A harmonious universe is like a harp.
Its rhythms are the equal repeated seasons,
The beating of a heart,
The going and returning of migratory birds,
The cycles of stars and corn,
The mimosa that unfolds by day and folds up by night,
The rhythms of moon and tide,
And apples that ripen and fall.
Melody, accord, arpeggios are the harp of the universe.
Unity behind apparent multiplicity.
That is the music.”

Ernesto Cardenal

One of you wonderful people made this response to this!
“Thank you Jill for sharing that….it was profound…because….

sharing our own inner lining…
is a delight we all may partake..
as our hearts beat in rhythm together…
the heavens also know what’s at stake..
And the truths of our purpose is given…
to all eyes that desire to see…
may God’s light guide us all on our journey….
to remembering what we all used to be….”

Hugs! Jill

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