Healing with Sound!!!

I can’t wait to share secrets on healing techniques from ancient
societies and modern scientists to make your life better!
There are so many ways to use sound and music to enhance healing,
your memory, your clarity of thinking, your energy, your mood, your
spirituality and so much more!!!

Sound and music will someday become a form of vibrational medicine,
healing us in soooo many wonderful ways. I know there is a lot to
learn to understand how to use sound vibrations to heal, and
improve our minds, feelings and spirits, but the fast way to learn
is so simple. Just listen to your heart! When you hear music that
you like, it tunes you! Your heart will take you to music that
blesses YOU!

I just finished writing the words to a new song, and I found some
nifty information in ancinet Hindi texts. It is about the
vibrational benefits of each vowel sound. Since each sound is
different its affect on YOU is different!
Each vowel has a psychological significance. The composition of
every word has a chemical and psychological significance as well.
Every vowel and consonant has an individual effect on the body.
Every word or sound charges the area with certain magnetism. The
physical body is affected by vibration.
E denotes a feminine quality of grace, wisdom, beauty and
O and U have a masculine quality of power and expression.
A has the perfection of both qualities.
I thought it would be fun to think about your own name, and what
you say about yourself when your name is spoken. What vowel sounds
are in YOUR name!
Let the music play YOU!


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2 Responses to “Healing with Sound!!!”

  1. chris Says:

    jill I love your blog, this information is incredible!! i’ve been studying and researching music & healing for a while and i’ve never come across anyone with as much knowledge of healing music and sounds as you, you are amazing! please keep posting on here, i’ve got you bookmarked, and i plan on ordering your book as well. sending you peace & good vibrations! 🙂

    ps one request for a blog would be a good lesson on how to tune to the solfeggio frequencies, or at least 528. there’s hardly any information on the web on how to actually do it, and what is out there is poorly presented or at best pretty confusing. i think i’ve figured it out and am doing it correctly pitch-wise, but would love to hear your take on it just to make sure, from someone who really knows! thank u.

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you! Download three healing music mp3’s by Jill Mattson at http://www.paintyoursoul.com . It’s our gift when you sign up for our newsletter which is also free!