Free gift of a vocal profiler! See the tones in your voice!

I am in the process of writing another sound healing book about he
work of Sharry Edwards! Her method of sound healing has been shown
to regrow bones, muscles and tissues, alleviate fibromyalgia,
chronic fatigue, oh and  so much more!

We hear our voice as many tones, but in truth it is a combination
of many tones. these tones correlate to our emotions, health and
brainwaves. Sharry offers a free nanovoice download , which enables you to speak into your computer,
and have the tones within your voice analyzed.

This free tool is a personality profiler, revealing how you feel
about different subjects! At first thought, of course I know how I
feel, then I used this tool. WRONG! I was amazed at the emotions
that my conscious mind refuses to allow!

I found that my understanding of myself got deeper with this tool,
I could work through issues easier! Sometimes I wasn’t even aware
that something was on my mind, but the energy was in my voice! To
know ourselves deeper, what could be more powerful?

Hugs, Jill


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