Toning! A Powerful Sound Healing Tool

 I want to give you background on toning …an incredible method to
heal yourself, raise your conscious, clear negative emotions and it
costs nothing! In the next several posts, I will present
instructions on how to use this powerful could healing tool!

Natural tones are the most effective for balancing our voice, such
as grunts, groans, moans, screaming, laughing, yawning and sighs.
Sounds such as “mmm” and “ah” contain frequencies that elicit

The karate master cries before he strikes. The weight lifter groans
as he lifts. Why? Because the voice releases energy and power.
Self-created tones affect us from the inside out!

“Ouch”! Scream in pain! Why do we do this? We use sound to release
pain out of our body. It is instinctual. We use sound naturally to
relieve pain, but we forget to credit sound.

One reason why toning is an effective healing practice is because
feelings attach to sounds. Our subconscious feelings are a part of
our spoken words. The quality of our tone communicates our
underlying intent and feelings beneath our words. For example, the
“hello” we say to someone we love is different than the “hello” we
say to someone we don’t like. Our emotional communication is
clearly in our tone of voice, more so than the words.

When our brain censors our spoken words, these censored ideas
remain in our tone of voice. We may not even be aware of these
subtle underlying feelings, but others sense these feelings from
our tone of voice.

Sometimes we forget what our truth is, because we have hidden it in
our subconscious minds for so long. Sound can carry our hidden
feelings back to us. Our tone of voice is a communication link to
our subconscious mind.

We don’t always speak our truth. Sometimes the truth is painful. We
are taught to be polite or kind, instead. Another example is a
habitual white lie. How often do we tell people we feel fine, when
we don’t? Or “nothing is new”, when we don’t want to share
something new? Or that we like something, when we don’t?

When our feelings and our words are not in alignment, we create
dissonance in our bodies. In contrast, speaking our truth sets us

Toning is a way to clear stuck negative energies and buried
feelings from ourselves.

Next post… more on toning
Hugs, Jill

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