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Sometimes, I just have to paint!

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010
Did I ever tell you how much I like to paint? I think I NEED to
paint, like I don’t get life energy if I am not working on several

Fairy with Bee

 I think I know myself, but I paint emotions and issues that I am
not conscious of. Have you ever said, “Oh, that doesn’t bother me?”
Then later you catch yourself mulling it over and over….There are
so many things I am fine with, but when I paint… the issue comes
up again and again!

Sometimes I have painted a person that I recognize, but I have
never met them…at least in this life! It is like I have soul
recognition of a stranger that  I paint……There appears to be
energy coming from the eyes in the painting, and I have felt it
before! I have been told that the energy of the eyes conveys the
energy of one’s soul!
Other times I have painted things that haven’t happened in my
life..yet, but later they come true. It is like a dream, I prepare
for events… and particularly for times of difficulty… before
they happen. I see what’s coming up by observing how my paintings
Mostly I paint just because I love it! I have a a gallery of my
paintings…and there are a lot of them!
Hope you enjoy them!

You can see my art at . You
can get prints at this red bubble site!  Or there is a new
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Hugs Jill